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The Mandate
The following links are the events archives for this game. It is a forever growing post, and currently is actually categorized by MONTH and then YEAR. The reason for this is because there are many repeat plots, such as holidays, and this helps show the correlation.

The Holidays
Remember Those Green Flames?
The Tour Guides

The Holidays!
The Nature of Daylight
The Free-for-All

Once More, With Feeling
Big Brother: Desai [Reality TV]
Clothing Crossover
The Past Haunts Us
Make a Wish

Unifaith Conference
So She Dances
The Best of Dreams & The Worst of Nightmares
Meteor Shower

Steampunk | 2
Valentine's Day
Superheroes and Supervillains
The Tour Guides: A New Front

Valentine's Day
Ace of Spades

Meteor Shower
Last Snow of the Year
Snow Time: Part Two!
ONGOING PLOT: Conviction Avenue
The Tour Guides: The Harp

Shut Down
What Could Have Been: Violence and Tragedy
Vernal Equinox
Carnival of the Animals

The Meteor Shower
Back to School
The Others: Part I
Alert Part 2

The Room | 2

Urban Legends
Urban Legends: Finale

Polar Opposites & Brothers Grimm

Through the Looking Glass
The Tour Guides: One Moment in Time
Lock & Load

Where Are My Flying Cars?
Sacrifice for Silent Hill
Aftershock: Virulent Flora Part 2

How's the Weather Down There?
May Flowers
Desai of Olde

Three Days of Light
Dear Diary
Lights Out!
Prayer of Longing

The Hum
Worlds Bazaar
Job Fair
Lie to Me

Whispers of a Rainy Sky

Spirits of the Past
The Fourth of July ~ The Changing of the Winds
Pokemon Tournament
You didn't play doctor as a kid...
Virulent Flora

The 4th of July ~ The Changing of the Winds ~
Something in the Water
The Wild West
Age Progression

Doppleganger Part I
Who the Hell Left This Here?
Obon Festival
The Tour Guides: Looking Forward
Doppleganger Part II
Mystery Science Theater

Another Way
Shades of James
Music Mayhem
Heavy Rain
The Crazies

Mr. Flibble Is Very Cross | 2
Abduction: Round One - The Nations
Another Time, In This Place

Nature's Speechlessness
Groundhog Day
Not Just 31 Flavors
The Tour Guides: Love Game
Power Swap

Shadow Son
Silent Hill

Omen of Things to Come
Dream a Little Dream
The Dark Ages
Masks: Year Two

Two Stages

Lakeside Amusement Park
Choose Your Own Adventure
Happy Anniversary!

End Zombie Plot (from when we were still v disorganized)
The Holidays

Three Days of Darkness
Strange Front
The Holidays!

The Covenant: Part I
The Holidays: With a Twist
The Covenant: Part II

Created by: Kara


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These are the occupations of the characters involved in this game.

This list is redone about once a month or so, depending on what's going on with the game. For the time being, it's on an excel spreadsheet until the mods figure a pretty way to table it for the maintainers.

This information is all OOC until reasonable to know ICly! The reason this is here is so you guys can view it and then hop to the Taken Characters list and find the mun of a character who might be able to help you with a plot idea, and hook up to plot away!

Please comment with the following information if you would like to be applied to this list as well on the next update:

Character Name:
Location of Job/Region: It must be within Desai, if it's off-world that's unimportant. Where is your character working to make money here? Look at the table for examples.
Name of Place: Don't know the name of the random cafe your character is working at in Mayra? Make it up! See a cafe listed below that they could possibly be working at? Check the Locations. If it's on the post itself, then just automatically okay yourself to work there. If it's not, then find the mun of the character listed to it and talk to them, then once it's chill, submit!

But please, keep in mind, because this information is OOC, we must have the REAL LOCATIONS and ALL INFORMATION filled out. So if you say, "My character works at a bar", we need to know where that bar is in Desai. IDK will not work.

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Here in Desai we understand that not everyone can get along. It can be hard! When you play in a game with a lot of different sorts of people, you're bound to run into someone you're just not crazy about. However, we expect everyone to do their best to be polite to one another and show each other the respect they'd expect from others. To ensure that everyone feels safe and comfortable in this game, we've decided to write up some things to help you understand what could be considered harassment against players or moderators and what you might be able to expect as far as consequences if they happen.

What is harassment? Harassment is defined by the dictionary as a verb that means "to disturb persistently; torment, as with troubles or cares; bother continually; pester; persecute." Or "to trouble by repeated attacks, incursions, etc., as in war or hostilities; harry; raid." So you can already see why it's considered a very serious thing, no matter what the circumstances. It can make people feel targeted, which makes them anxious and uneasy about interacting with others for fear of being verbally attacked.

Please keep in mind that there is a difference between debating with someone about something with which you disagree, and harassing someone to prove your point. Even if a discussion becomes heated, you still have the opportunity to let it go for the future. If someone decides to try and let a matter drop, let them drop it. There is no need to continue trying to push your point. If you do, it might be interpreted as harassment, because that person might begin to feel as though they're under attack.

Using foul language can also be seen as overly aggressive and can put many people off, and even make tempers flare even more. There's generally a distinct difference between joking around and using language against a person angrily, but we should all try to remember that sometimes it's difficult to tell.

When someone expresses to us that someone has been harassing them, please know that we take these matters very seriously. We will look at evidence they may supply us and try to get as broad a view of the situation as possible, and then we will confront the person being accused to get a better idea of what's going on. We always try to be fair to everyone, and if all the situation requires is mediation, we will be happy to help everyone out. If we see that a person is causing problems for people repeatedly, we may take further steps to be sure it doesn't happen again.

What's considered harassment? Forms of harassment vary from things like constantly messaging a person to be derogatory to repeatedly bringing up a past situation in a particular person's presence to just being plain ugly to someone every time they interact. It basically revolves around an intent to make another person unhappy, even if it's under the guise of making sure one's point is made.

This sort of behavior can be very damaging to people, especially to those who are a bit more sensitive than others. Please remember that even "jokes" about people or scenarios can be hurtful or just plain tiring for some to hear. If you truly want to make sure a matter has been resolved, be polite. Be gentle. Be accommodating and back off if the other person seems uneasy or says they'd just like to move on. And it always helps to bring up something that made you angry or frustrated in the same way. Remember that it could be an honest mistake. It could be a miscommunication. Aggression may make new issues completely unrelated to the initial problem.

We've all had a bad day and snapped at people. We've all gotten into fights. And more often than not, we've looked back and realized that we were unnecessary. Remember that an apology goes a very long way. If you think you might've angered or upset someone, take a second and at least apologize for the way things went down. They might apologize to you too! And you can approach the situation much calmer and clearer because of it.

Remember that this applies to everyone in the game. Players, moderators, maintainers, everyone. If we hear that someone is being harassed and find supporting evidence, there will be consequences.

What happens in a case of repeated harassment? If someone harasses a person and continues to do the same thing to them and/or others after being spoken to and warned by the moderator or co-moderators, they may be subject to suspension and possibly removal of their characters from the game. If there is any form of prejudice, such as against someone's beliefs, sex or gender, race, etc., there may be call for a complete ban from the game.

We, of course, would hate to see any of you go, and we don't want to have to suspend or ban anyone, so we hope that this will help you understand what may be considered harassment and how you can avoid it.

What happens in the case of a suspension or ban? Please refer to this post for more information on this!


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Copy, paste, fill out, submit.

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NPCs (with journals of their own) only happen at permission of the moderator. If you have an approved NPC that has a journal, or you would like to have a journal, please forward information to welcometodesai[at]gmail.com for approval and addition to this list. Thank you!

Kara [mod]
nephilim sonata (aim)
asphalt serenity (aim)
MDEA agent; First Contact Branch (FCB) pending
Kara [mod]
nephilim sonata (aim)
asphalt serenity (aim)
MDEA agent; First Contact Branch (FCB) pending
DESAI aka Sandria Arie
Kara [mod]
nephilim sonata (aim)
asphalt serenity (aim)
Desai's avatar (Axis Powers Hetalia) pending
Kara [mod]
nephilim sonata (aim)
asphalt serenity (aim)
MDEA agent; Intelligence Branch pending
Kara [mod]
nephilim sonata (aim)
asphalt serenity (aim)
MDEA agent; First Contact Branch (FCB) pending
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If you'd like to have a specific email or screenname for your character, please list it here!

All logs you would like to share that are IC interactions on messengers or email, please gooooo here desaionline!!


NAME, JOURNAL & Canon In Character E-MAIL In Character SCREENNAME
Arisato Minato
Persona 3
arisato2009[at]live.jp AIM: arcana gone wild
Astra: arisato
Austria aka Roderich Edelstein
Axis Powers Hetalia
chopinfanatic[at]live.de Astra: austria
Belarus aka Natalia Alfroskaya
Axis Powers Hetalia
n/a Astra: belarus
Dr. Franken Stein
Soul Eater
stein[at]outtamymind.com n/a
Germany aka Ludwig
Axis Powers Hetalia
ichliebedietechnik[at]live.de Astra: germany
Hanamura Yosuke
Persona 4
yoyoyosuke[at]live.jp AIM: your juanes
Astra: yousuke
Katsura Kotaro
bombsforchange[at]live.jp Astra: katsura
Sakamoto Tatsuma
economically[at]live.jp Astra: tatsuma
Shinji Ikari
Neon Genesis Evangelion
thirdchild[at]live.jp n/a
Spain aka Antonio Fernandez Carriedo
Axis Powers Hetalia
tesoro.rojo[at]hotmail.es Astra: espana
Axis Powers Hetalia
guccipradagrrl_478[at]livemail.tw Astra: taiwan
Vash the Stampede
Trigun Maximum
mildlyreckless[at]comcast.net AIM: mildlyreckless@comcast.net


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